we get

its times like these I come to write something and my brain goes blank.

Nothing. Nada.

After four weeks of brain meltingly amazing learning and lectures, i end up somehow with blank. or little shards.

Take politics for example. God gave us the power to choose who leads us. He gave us the power to decide what justice looks like. He gave us amazingly good guidelines, and advice that points to a bottom up approach to power, and a limiting of evil through massive checks and balances. And yet we have the Middle East trying to destroy each other to grab power and enact a shape that may or may not attempt conversion or genocide.

Or science. God gave us a material world, told us it was good, told us that we needed to tend it well, and yet Gods people on the whole are afraid of finding out all we can about the real and tangible world we live in. Science says one thing, and instantly the church disagrees. Not on truth grounds, just on knee jerk fear grounds.

Education is still stuck in the industrial revolution times, bent not on crafting and guiding young people into amazing people, but training them to be great workers. Why not educate for life?

My head is full of all of these random tidbits of incredible societal changing stuff and its all in the tiny book we call the bible.

The other thing that makes me chuckle a little bit. The bible isn’t an exhaustive history of everything. It is not a disneyfied version of how good humanity is, and how we always end up succeeding at everything. Its quite the opposite. It is story after story of how awful mankind is, and how God never gives up on us. He always hopes for the best and he gives us the choice.

He always gives us the choice.



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