Dining Rooms.

I love dining rooms. I have spent large portions of my life in them.

With people. By myself. Being loud. Playing guitar hero. Eating food. Making food. Doing work. Not doing anything. Learning. Praying. Doing speeches. Hugging, Sleeping, drinking teas. Occasionally cleaning, meeting new people, reuniting with old friends and family. Playing board games, doing puzzles, making toast.

I just love dining rooms.

In my parents home we would eat breakfast together every morning except saturdays. T days were toast. Other days were cereal. And sundays was desert for breakfast. We would eat dinner together. No television. Mostly in conversation. Sunday lunch would always be visitors, and Dads cooking, where i learned the fine art of conversation and hospitality, from both parents.

In my own house our dining room was multi functional. For one season we actually had a table in there and would occasionally have sit down meals. For one season our dining room was the back yard, or our own rooms, or even sometimes the kitchen itself, and we would stand to eat. But most of the time in that house, our dining room was the loungeroom. (which was also a recording studio and bedroom) We would entertain in there on couches and sometimes dining room tables we would set up for larger groups. But around these meals we would become friends and continue relationships for years. The dining room was also the place of the odd tense discussion or the barer of unwanted news.

At YWAM bases, dining rooms are my haven of solitude. From 5am till 7am, theres usually only me in the dining room. The quiet, the focused, the toast. It was the best start to a day to have 2 hours of broken quiet time. The dining rooms are also where meals are had. Crazy meals. of 100 people at times. It is where birthdays are celebrated. I love making speeches on birthdays. both my own and others. It is also a place to celebrate new relationships. Farewelling old friends and school merit awards.

We once had a dining room set up in a classroom of a school. Every meal time we would sit down in school desks and eat mi goreng and rice for three weeks straight. Another place of remembering good times, telling stories and laughing. We also killed a rat by chasing it out of there.

A dining table is where Jesus sat with his followers for the last time before the cross. A common space around a common food to talk about changing the world. I wonder what other revolutions started around bread and wine.

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