The kingdom

The kingdom is built wherever you are, maximizing whatever you can do and building for the future.

God made us all with value and purpose in mind, and we, have the kingdom inside us. Multiply.
Each one of us has a large amount of skill and talent and personality traits that can do powerful things in partnership with God. But we can’t do it on our own. Community.
We have been called to seek the good of the community, city, nation we find ourselves in. Nation-building.
To love our neighbours, to go the extra mile, to teach a man not only to fish, but to provide for a sustainable fishing culture to feed his great grand children as well.
We live in a seen world, as seen and unseen participants. Image of the invisible.
Our saviour is returning, but we don’t know when, we haven’t been told to guess, but we have been told to teach the nations of the blessings of God and how they come to fruition. Discipleship.
We are a fallen people. Checks and balances.
But we have been saved. The cross.
Empowered. The holy spirit.
And our father tells us who we are, where we should go and how we should be there. If we will listen. Choice.

The kingdom.

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