Staropramen and the band of “don’t tell them I told you”

In the last few months, the amount of ground breaking, heart revolutionising, mind blowingly awesome information that has assailed my head and heart has today ended with me sitting in a hostel with a blank page. I don’t believe in writers block. But I am overwhelmed. So lets start with some simple thoughts.

The bible. If we actually read it, and harmonise what God is giving us with words, printed on paper and screens, with the world around us, we will revolutionise lives to such an extent that instead of waiting for death to squeeze us in its cold hard grip, we would live lives of such passion that death is a distant echo we once heard on a mountain top somewhere. But that’s a big if. We will know the history of a football team, or log hours of play time on a game, or work for that sweet sweet retirement, without knowing what Gods vision for competition, leisure and old age is. And he has a vision for all those things. And it is a beautiful vision.

The spirit. If we were climatised to the weather of the Spirits movements, we would be ale to harness and ride the waves of our adoptive powers to see redemption and eye opening salvation flood these lands with healing and justice. If we are not only comfortable with the Spirit, but if we knew him by name. But that’s a big if too, because most of the current members of the body of Christ are still proud flag waving cessationists. As if the Holy Spirit was just one Gods best fire works that ran out of gun powder. Without the spirit we are powerless, only reliant on our minds and our pride. Yaay. That’s great.

The man. If we legitimately valued each others lives, to the point of death, like our namesake did, our mandate on earth would be completed.

The church. The wonderful punching bag that has little stuffing left and soon we will have to cut it down and replace it or repair it or discontinue using it as a punching bag. Those of us punching it do so out of reaction. Against, usually, it’s existence as a punching bag. But, as it is hung up, and we have found some gloves, we will keep punching it. Others of us have repaired the bag and kept punching. And then others of us again have realised that our punching bag is actually a pillow, a respite, a mercy from a world of violence. The peace in the storm, the grace space in a judgemental court room, a haven, a redeeming love.

For these, the fight is not with the punching bag anymore, it’s with their own, trained, responses, to find there way back to the gym and the gloves. Because society trains us really well, our families are good at that too.

Jesus set up a community of mercy. of love of tolerance of grace. We turned it into the opposite. This week I prayed for six hours with some spirit filled Anglicans. It was one of the greatest times of my life because they weren’t over the top, they weren’t repetitive and conservative. They were just in love with God and merciful to each other. I want that in me sooo much.

In love with God, knowing him, relating to him, following him.

Merciful to others, knowing they are a valuable and awesome.

One thought on “Staropramen and the band of “don’t tell them I told you”

  1. Love these thoughts. Here’s to another few months of ground breaking, heart-revolutionizing, mind-blowingly awesome information, broadening and deepening everything that’s been planted in there so far

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