imagine a world without sugar. A world with no candy, a world with no coke, energy drinks etc etc. A world with no sugar.

A story.
I grew up drinking a lot of tea, and a semi amount of coffee and a good amount of red bull energy drinks. I would have a constant stream of sugar running through my veins most of the time, it could have led to a large season of insomnia, destroying both my metabolism and taste buds for the ordinary.
Strangely enough one day i decided to give up energy drinks, and to discontinue my love of tea with two sugars. As i was traveling at the time i decided i wanted to be able to enjoy what is put before me, so if hosts had no milk i could take it black. If no sugar i could take it straight. I have grown to mostly love coffee and tea white with no sugars, and can enjoy with out sugar too. I have retrained my tastes buds to enjoy things without sugar.

Another story
At the height of the american- atlantic slave trade, one of the products with the larger demand was Britain’s growing addiction to sugar. This meant more slave families lives were destroyed and mismanaged because white people thought their lives WITH sugar were more important then black peoples lives and legacies without sugar.

Yet another story.
Take sugar out of most foods on the planet and you end up with – arguably – healthier populations. The ripple effect would be huge, if we ate better, we would be, i think, filled with more energy to be joyful, better at our jobs and there fore more satisfied, more intimate with each other and more comfortable with rest and review of our lives to keep on the track of our dreams.

So why will i continue to eat sugar every so often????
Because it tastes so good.

Where are our limits? Where are our dreams? And are our choices helping our dreams or hindering them?

I love sugar. But i would prefer white grains to not destroy my life.

3 thoughts on “Sugar.

  1. When I was growing up I was told sugar and spice and all things nice that’s what little girls are made of so I had sugar just a little though… All things in moderation that’s the key.

  2. Sugar is virtually poison to indigenous Australians. They literally discuss the introduction of sugar as one of the worst things that has happened to them.

    Another thought. The increase of access to processed sugar and rise of fiscal capitalism.

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