The desert to paradise.

In a desert where there is no water, one will always be drawn to a pool of water, an oasis, even if it’s a mirage. Even if we kinda think its a mirage, we will still head towards it because we are convinced its better than the desert.

What if we chose to be in the desert? We will still head to water. To what seems like refreshment. And if we didn’t choose? If someone else drove us to the desert and left us there? The oasis will still draw us to itself. Maybe even more so.

Walking through oslo one meets many homeless gypsys. My guess is they woke up one morning and said to themselves ‘I know, I’ll go to oslo. Because that’s just next door and I’ll totally just enjoy being a hobo and daily scraping enough food and money to pay ridiculous amounts of money for food and sleep in parks because that’s always fun. Oh and I don’t know how to speak Norwegian. So that’s good too right?’


‘I live in a desert. I literally live as a hobo now, and it sucks, and there’s no water around, so I’m going to oslo, where at least there’s a mirage of water. A cold, strange, awkward mirage of water, but that’s better then this desert’

So on one hand, they a scourge on society because they steal, beg, get violent, make the parks less nice to be in, hassle us for magazines we don’t want and refuse to integrate into the culture (because how could they do that anyway?)

On the other hand they have just found water (source of life) and have taken a long walk through the desert to get there. Immigrants don’t usually want to move to slums, or dangerous places. They want to move up.

God had given us the keys to two main doors that sometimes we don’t even think about. We can create paradise out of deserts. We can reclaim land on water and we can reclaim soil from deserts. We have the technology and the know how. So we could bring the oasis to the people. Wherever they are. ‘They’ and we can choose oasis.

We can also be hospitable and allow more people at our oasis’ when they stumble in from the desert. How much do we actually lose to house, feed and give skills to immigrants? And is it worth it to lose those things to change peoples lives forever? As opposed to inadvertently creating thieves and ghettos?

The world says monetary profit is everything. God says otherwise. God says monetary profit is for the profit of others. God says he provides so that people can be provided for.

Will putting a fence around the oasis, stop people from coming in from the desert?
What if there was no desert?

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