Stoves. Our passions and freezing cold forgotten dreams.

Our bodies are made of cycles. Blood. Oxygen. Nerves. Muscles. Bones. Etc etc.. I’m not a doctor. But. We also have some pretty hardcore engine rooms. Brain, heart, guts. And sometimes we have different stoves.

Back burners, that keep the room warm and are slow burning till the moment they need to get stoked for an event.

And front burners that are fuelling the events, the passions currently taking place.

Sometimes we need to put our front burners onto the back burners for a whole range of reasons…sometimes our back burners go out because we haven’t put enough coals on the fire to keep it smouldering. But a lot of time it’s even worse… Our back burners go completely cold, we find them obsolete and move the entire stove out of the house. We then have nothing warm in the back ground, so our front burners are our last hope and our first hope to get the train moving.

Our front burners burn out and then our movement ceases, we go cold and stagnant and slowly freeze.

Dreams and passions are important because God isn’t a robot. He didn’t make us in the image of robots, he made us in the image of himself, a passionate, loving creator. If we become robots, if we cease to have passions, we begin to live a reality that wasn’t created by God. Our reality becomes a lie.

But what do I  about passions?

For example. I have a friend who is really good with computers. He fixes problems very quickly. He knows a lot about them, he has a natural inclination to understand those systems. But he is not passionate about computers. He is passionate about people. He is passionate about competitive sports. He is passionate about his children and his wife. Passion gets us excited. Passion pushes us that little bit further. And if passion dies, we begin to die.

Imagine God creating a world and us in it without passion. The colour red wouldn’t exist. The taste of cheese would be the same as grass and all the rest of the food. We would all look the same. We would all live in Hawaii. We would all speak the same and do the same things. But God is passionate about unique expressions of culture.

Back to our stoves. Personally I have a giant passion for music. I haven’t the space In my life for it like I had when I was seventeen. But it is a back burner that fuels good things occasionally. It keeps me playing air guitar and connecting with other musicians. But it is by no means my front burners, but without it I would go cold.

I have a great passion for family. One day I plan on having one, but currently it is on the back burner, same with with reading books in certain seasons, and writing and travelling.

My front burner currently is people. They are the fuel of the train of life. I work with people and amongst people and because of people. God as the co captain of the train has put my passion For people in amongst my current vocation which, when passion is paired with vocation…. Life is glorious.

Seeing too many people be passionless about their work, and have no back burners aflame makes me sad. And them sad.

What should your back burners be? And where are your front burners taking you?

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