Trust falls.

Ask twenty people what they think of trust falls and you get many different answers. Some love trust falls, they understand that such an activity can bring a group of strangers together really quickly, but others realise that, this sort of trust is only fake and very fleeting, knowing real life-changing trust comes from experience and adventure.

Other people hate trust falls, because of horrid experiences, or seeing other people being dropped, whilst others have never experienced it badly but have imagined bad things happening.  Others will muse about why we don’t try trust falls forward, or how many people you should use in a trust fall or even instigating the trust fall by surprise?

Others won’t know what a trust fall is, and some will think a trust fall is out of a tree, whilst others will know it as something done on the same level as the catcher.

These are questions asked on the same day, to people i know all over the world, who speak the same language and who have largely had similar life experiences to me.

In comparison, the bible was written over 1400 years in at least three different languages (who knows how many regional dialects) on three continents, surviving turmoil, civil war, genocide and myriad of other aggressively anti things.

And still, it holds within it a harmony that speaks of a united story, principle and ultimate author. Yet we distrust it and argue with it and each other…

To really understand the bible, should we not ask each other a whole lot more questions so we don’t end up dropping people when they ‘trust fall’ onto our conclusions?

Skating and painful scars -> next post

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