To the ends of the earth.

My brain is pretty fuzzy right now because of a combination of strange amounts of sugar and a week of new things, some have come as a shock and some have made me extremely excited, but like things whilst I’m in this human body, i cannot do everything i get excited about as much as I want. But lets see how this goes.

Paul, a man highly trained in the elite religiosity of first century judaism, is accosted by Jesus and sent all around the known world to preach Jesus, and his resurrection and heal a whole bunch of people. He, among a rad group of friends preached the entire gospel (not just numbers, not just heads bowed eyes closed, not embarrassing anyone) I mean, he got into arguments and almost fist fights and definite stonings, to convince people of the legitimacy and the goodness of Jesus Christ. And we read these letters and these books and come to a simple conclusion.

“Lets be like the first century church… yeah. but we don’t believe the holy spirit does anything, and we don’t really believe in missions to the ends of the earth, we will just get nice jobs and send no one either… aaand whats the bible???”

I’m only 28, but the amounts of times I either thought “woah i wish we were like the 1st century church” or heard “we need to be an Acts 2 church” without there being any talk of spreading the word through living alongside people and enduring hardships or actually going where God is pointing or actually knowing how God points us to the places he wants us to go….. are uncountable.

Are we serious? Or are we seriously indecisive or are we militantly ignorant to the extent of placing our fingers in our ears and yelling “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!”.

I’m currently in Sweden studying the bible in a bible course for three months because I genuinely believe God called me here. Through my own indecisiveness, my own wait till the last moment, my own hatred of red tape – God brought me here. Not Thailand, Not England, Not Australia. But sweden. Who knows why?? (im beginning to) Am I special? Hells yes. I’m unique and loved. But am I special in the sense that I am more special or better then you?? NOPE.

Paul himself would probably tell you, that if God can use a rebellious murder like himself, he can use you. I am telling you, if God can use me, a highly distractible, class clown australian bogan who barely passed year 12 (and he has and he continues to) He can use you.

Where, when, how?? those are good questions that our answer more importantly just needs to be YES.

Yesterday I was asked what my vision for the future was. And after my usual rant of wanting babies i began a new rant about wanting to inspire those that hate church to design and build their own churches, the way they want to have their churches, to preach and to praise christs name in the rebellious ways they have never been allowed to do it in. I believe that will be the next wave of christianity. The weirdos, the hipsters and the rebels that find God in weird places and yell his name loud in those places.

To the ends of the earth means not just to the Islamic countries that oppress their own people, but also to the Christian countries like Sweden that have hand sanitizer in the kitchen (Godly principle but have trained generations of swedes to not see themselves as valuable outside the communities “good” #tallpoppysyndrome
To the ends of the earth means to the retired men and women who society has told are less worthy or purpose and love because they can;t drive a car anymore.
To the ends of the earth means teaching people the bible in ways they can actually understand it and not just for academics. In the street languages not just the latin.
To the ends of the earth means teaching Justice to the people of Somalia so they understand what power they have in their own hands. and To the ends of the earth also means invading the United Nations with a light that empowers their hopes and dreams and frees them to serve the world properly.

But the ends of the earth will never be found unless you take what you have to your portion of the ends of the earth.

Personally i think I’m figuring out my portion. And it freaks me out. but also fills my heart with this strange fuzzy feeling… The creator of the world wants to use me for something dangerous. And its awesome.

So with a fuzzy head, and a fuzzy heart i need sleep. So i leave you with a question.

Are afraid of missing out on something and therefore are holding out on committing to something?

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