Swedish Easter

A night of emotion, power, laughter, prayer, forgiveness and redemption. This Jesus you are looking for is in you. And these scriptures you fight over point directly to the son. The adoption papers. The empowering redeeming king. The saviour. He lives in you. He rose from the dead for you. He will NEVER give up on YOU. As the sun rises, remember that the story did not end in death. But life. To the ends of the earth. To the ALL.


Yesterday night was a strange emotional roller coaster.
I spent some of it in the kitchen of a man i barely know. We surrounded him and his wife and began praying for their emergency trip home. It was a shock to everyone, most of all the small family that so easily loved, lead and lived amongst us. We began praying all with one voice, but we broke off into individual voices and as our host began praying himself in his mother tongue something broke in that room. I understood not a word of what he said, but i understood everything he said. He got so honest with God that tears began to flow. He fought through them because he was determined to tell God what was happening inside him. A man who had a strong face for all the short two weeks i knew him, was now vulnerable and honest in front of strangers, friends and his God.

It was one of the most powerful moments of my life because there was absolutely no pretense, no nice words. He just spoke reality. God is good but it is hard. God is faithful but this is uncomfortable. He slowly came to a finish and after moments of awkwardness he closed it with a comforting Amen. God knows. God finishes. God is his God.

An hour later i was walking into a half packed Swedish state church in complete darkness. From 11pm, till 1:30am I sang in swedish, i heard a translated message, i took communion from a priest in cool robes, i watched one of the greatest band leaders ever, lead us in worship, i hugged a stranger, i punched fists with the drummer and then i walked out to the road to go home.

Easter isn’t normal for me. I haven never really “done” easter like normal people. Easter for me has never made sense. But this year it made stark beautiful logic in my mind and heart. The gospel in its boiled down essence is God became man, stared humanity in the face and nonchalantly said “I haven’t and will never, give up on you”

When situations change God hasn’t given up. When we play in the mud and get so dirty we can’t remember the colour of our shirt GOD HASN”T GIVEN UP ON US.

HE will never give up and he will always be searching the skies waiting for you to stumble back into his front yard smelling awful and swearing like a sailor. He will then gather you up, kiss your face as awkwardly as you want to make it and take you inside.

God wants you so badly. He wants me too.

Jesus death wasn’t sad. It frees us from sadness and separation from the father of life. Christs death was unjust, and painful and violent, but it wasn’t sad. It was life affirming, servant hearted and the only reason we can scream praises of freedom at the tops of our lungs and know they are true.

Merry Easter



3 thoughts on “Swedish Easter

  1. “He just spoke reality. God is good but it is hard. God is faithful but this is uncomfortable.”

    mmm. thank you.

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