Trinity Favourites.

Its been a while since I had a good rant about the trinity.

Traditionally, the trinity symbol is a triune shape of similar proportions that speaks of each member of the trinity being the same, just pointing in a different direction. I find that all to be false. I feel like the triune symbol should be more like this….

Picture 14

Each distinctly different, together, creating, in a hierarchy with different roles. This is echoed into humanities interactions, into our family structure, into shape and sounds and harmonies and design. This is echoed from the beginnings of time when God was personal and communal and relationally complete in Himself before he ever created beings of our persuasion. Or was Adam the first relationship our God had?

God in His nature has the tension of individual value and uniqueness, cross between laying Christ’s life down for the good of the body corporate. Submission, understanding ones role in the unity of family.

This drips down into the world God created and saved – each of us has value. EVERY SINGLE ONE. each of us has strengths and roles and purposes. EVERY SINGLE ONE. We are individually valuable BUT so is everyone else.

We are the favourite, in that, there are no favorites because everyone is the favourite. And, we have been grafted and adopted into, the triune family. The unique family, unlike any other understanding of existence on our planet. Our God is one and three, He came to earth as one of us to translate love into our language, making us brother, bride, child, hands and feet into eternity.

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