…our desire for rock stardom.

The times  have watched someone skilled, talented and influential not only not see their own potential, but get oddly comfortable with lives empty of dreams are uncountable.

But the only thing holding us back from our ideas changing our world is usually just us.

The reason we don’t become rock stars is because we never played guitar in the first place. We never got better at football because we sat on our couches and got unfit. We never even ran for political office because we never really understood how.

But, our desire for rock stardom comes from a much larger hope of creation and appreciation. Our skills lay dormant because we don’t really want it, we want someone else to do it for us. We would love to see real change in our communities but it’s just too hard. Right?

This is how it is. The tense area between knowing what we kind of want, faint echos of childhood dreams, and adult responsibility, apathetic demotivation and depressed regret.

Our ideas also get messed up in the washing machine of indecision. We can’t decide if we want to continue being washed or if we want to get out. Because if we keep getting washed, we may miss out on being worn, but if we wait to get worn we may get dirty. We find ourselves at a standstill, thinking we haven’t made a decision yet because we don’t want to make the wrong decision, but we end up staying in the washing machine and our colours fade and the arms of our shirts get weirdly stretched.

We will always miss out on something. But do you want to miss out on being worn to an amazing party, at which you meet all the nice people and get asked to play guitar in the greatest band, or play football for the perfect team or join the political party and become its presidential candidate.

We will always get a little dirty seeing our dreams realised, and that’s a good thing.

But what dream, what idea do you really want to see come alive.

I want to tell you a bit of mine.

I love people. I love when people are together, laughing, making things, honouring each other. I have enjoyed living in community my whole life in different shapes, in different countries, and I’m convinced that good community provides a space for humans to grow, risk and birth good ideas that change the world, more than just living by ones self.

But what I am seeing more and more in my home country and others around the world is a social back step. As if we don’t trust community anymore, we don’t know how to interact in social situations anymore, and so we find more safety by ourselves, because then we are vulnerable with no one. We don’t risk ideas anymore because we don’t even know what that would look like, so our dreams slowly get infected and die awful deaths that leave us feeling empty and pointless.

I don’t like that.

I want more than that for everyone. I want people to be encouraged and supported so much that they risk everything and add their good ideas to the international think tanks to improve life for all.

Now, just as a side point, what I am suggesting is not that everyone should attain rock star status. Or that everyone should get their childhood dream. Because 4 billion fire fighters would be ridiculous and unneeded. But i do refer to our innate child-like innocence that would imagine and have no bounds to its dreams.

I’ve lived my dream for 4 years. People are genuinely surprised when I tell them what I do and what my dream job is. Because most of us have completely killed even the smallest hope that we could do what we love, for the good of humanity.

So I end with a question.

You are free. World-changing ideas reside in you.

So what do you want to do for the next 60 years?



Relationships and war (next post)

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