God’s open room.

In the beginning of time God created little doors. They had the choice to be opened or closed. But if they decided to be closed then nothing could come in or go out.

Currently I live in a room in Sweden that sometimes smells so strange. We have had three dudes living in here, and sometimes it has a smell combination of socks, farts, sweat etc and if we don’t have the window open often, it gets worse.

That’s like the doors God created. If the little doors aren’t open, the rooms accumulate smell, and trash and bad memories. But if the doors are open, then the purifying wind can freshen up the place.

When we were children our parents taught us how to either keep our doors open or closed, and we do likewise because our parents know what they are doing,

so, we live our lives fresh or dank.

Now God, is a giant doorway. When humanity sinned, Gods door closed. We had been in His room, with open doors, in fact we didn’t have doors on our doorways in Gods open room. But, when we sinned we had to leave and the door was shut. We were allowed access to the window through other rooms and doors, but, it wasn’t like it was before.

Along comes Jesus and passionately throws open the doorway. He took the hinges off and invites us in. He sings songs and dances with us because he is so excited that we can come in the room again. We just have to take our doors in there. And usually when we first go into God through the door Jesus has opened, we have our doors flung wide open, but, sometimes we like to close our doors. We are still in Gods open room, but we just want some private time.

After our private time there is usually some trash in our room that we can either

let God clean out, or let it accumulate,

We will try to hide the garbage by closing our doors even more often, making the smell get even worse. Sometimes, it even makes us never want to open the door again, and then we pack up shop and take our doorways out of Gods room altogether, completely.

I wonder what it is like for God when we come into his room, bring our lives and our rooms, but we don’t want to hang out. We stop coming out of our rooms to hang out. Or even more so, I wonder what its like when thousands of us come into Gods room with our own rooms that smell like boy sweat and farts and we try to hide the smell from him.

I don’t know if you knew, but God has the best sense of smell ever!!! He created it, and it has never gotten dull.

He smells all your trash, all your rubbish and he wants to get rid of it for you,

but you have to open your door and let him. He doesn’t want you to leave. He doesn’t want to hide from, he just wants you to have a clean room.

So bring your doors to him. Take your door off the hinges and enjoy His room. Its huge and beautiful and the door is not even there anymore.






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