Good news. Bitter sweet news.

7 thoughts on “Good news. Bitter sweet news.

  1. JBR, my heart is flooded with pride. You have grown so much since your DTS. I will continue to pray for you. I’m glad you were obedient and didn’t go to England. I get this sense that Jesus is going to open crazy weird doors for you. Keep going my dear, you are doing well. And GREAT communication. As a communicator I stamp my approval on this message.

  2. Cool talk. Sometimes, you just got to not wear the beanie. Good to hear about all the ways you’ve been affected by life chasing the dream. Keep following the Lord’s leading. You’re doing great, hope to catch up with you soon, God bless

  3. Great excitement and expectation to hear of what Christ has in store for you as you continue to blaze new trails for His kingdom on earth and in your life!

  4. Jeremy I am so glad you made this video I found it on Tim’s Facebook page. I wondered where you had gone and missed the laughter, maturity and kindness your brought to Newcastle. So glad you are following Jesus into your heart ‘s dreams. Praying for Gods strength , new friends and blessings as you settle in . I love God’s family it is amazing !!! Dan 11 .32 …Those who know their God will do mighty things…Blessings Karen & Mike

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