Having our cake and eating it too.

I love cake. I’m not sure if you knew that. But i love it. Last birthday i had multiple cakes because word got out. HAHAHA. And i finally came to the conclusion that you can have too much cake. Cake tastes really good. and Cake is usually eaten around a table of your favourites, but too much cake, too much sugar, too much of that good stuff and your 28 year old body begins to hate itself.

Now, if i was 12 again, maybe i would love all of the cakes, all of the time. But now there is a limit to the amount of cakes i want to be eating.

With reference to this other blog an infamous saying has come out and it goes a little like this.

“You like to have your cake and eat too, don’t you?”

Referring to a magical cake that can be eaten twice. (just imagine it) and sometimes the pendulum swings the other way in life. Sometimes we aren’t waiting for the best thing, we are attempting to ‘eat’ ALL of the good things. And i have done it. There was a period of life i was working seven days a week, at two jobs. I was playing in multiple bands, i was involved in a youth ministry in high schools, starting my business and still trying to have as many people over at my house as i could. I was tired. I was doing my jobs half as well as i could. I was constantly in a half asleep daze. I would sometimes drink multiple energy drinks to stay awake, and drink multiple beers to get to sleep. I was wrecked. But i was trying to have it all. And in one sense I totally was. I was completing the things i wanted to produce. But. like eating too many cakes, I wasn’t feeling great.

We try to fit as much as we can into our lives, just in case we miss out. Just in case we aren’t at the right party, or in the right band, or making enough money. Our lives are tainted, because there is no room for sitting and enjoying, no room to rest and look back and see that it is good as we are already late for the next thing.

The other side of the cake is thus.

Some of the best cakes I have ever eaten look like it may have come out of a human. They are misshapen, badly decorated, sometimes they are actually mistakes, BUT, they taste delicious. And some of the best looking cakes i have ever had, taste like cardboard.

If, in life, we only eat the cakes that look good at first, we will miss out on a lot of good cakes. And sometimes we will miss out on ALL of the cakes because we are waiting for the good-looking cakes. Sometimes we are invited into events, or into friendships that at first look like the tastiest cake and they turn out to be toxic. BUT, the other is true also. Some of my most favourite of people and life decisions don’t make any sense on paper.

One of my best friends is a farmer from Canada who like riding bikes and playing computer games, whilst I’m a city boy who gets bored with computers unless its social media. One of my other best friends is a tall ginger jock, who is fit and handsome and university educated. Whilst i am unfit, with a ‘cute’ gut, short, and rather uneducated at points, but i love them.

I once led a team of 6 (that turned into 14 at one point) by myself into Uganda. Nothing about that trip made sense on paper, but i completed it successfully.

We need to eat more of the cakes we are supposed to eat, and not eat the rest.

Jesus, when he left earth said – ‘it is finished’ He knew why he came, he knew when he had finished, and he didn’t go to any other parties. He didn’t eat any other cakes, but he didn’t miss out on any cakes either.

Eat cake. But don’t throw up and eat it again. That’s gross.

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