The Jews aren’t Gods people.

Ok. It’s that time at 7am to play everyones favourite game:

“Oversimplify a very complicated issue and then make an overtly ridiculous conclusion”

YAAAAAY best game ever.

So, three thousand years ago we find a man (who represents many). He is given land by God. Lets call him “The jews”. Now this guy “the jews” was a slave, a refugee, a bit of a loser, a bit of a slow learner, but still – God had decided that “the jews” was His chosen man, so he made an agreement with “The Jews” that if he would stay in reality, only follow reality, and join God in creating more reality all over the world, that “the jews” would get sweet treats. But if “the jews” decided he didn’t want sweet treats, instead he wanted to believe lies and worship powerless wood, then, “the jews” would get not-so-sweet treats, ultimately in the form of getting kicked out of his house/ land.

“The jews” ended up choosing the not-so-sweet treats and getting kicked out of his land, and then decades later with only a tiny remnant of his children he got to return to the original land to rebuild Gods house. The deal was still on tho. Sweet treats or not-so-sweet treats. Pretty straight forward deal. But “the jews” then decided to attempt political victory, winning at first, and then getting absolutely destroyed by multiple countries that God spoke of.

At this point in his history, “the jews” were living in a newly named land, mostly bred out of the “pure breds”, the deal with God had changed from land, to a man, and form a man to a kingdom that was much larger and better than land ever was. There was not “jew-land”, there was now many of “the jews” long lost, mongrel blooded descendants on every land on the planet, and some of them awaited a different man, to mete out political victory for them, others had forgotten the agreement completely and lived the culture because it is safe, and others militantly ignored what God had provided for them and looked for ways and means to return to the long ‘moved-on’ land sometimes violently so.

Jump over to a different part of the world completely. Uganda. A country drawn on a map on a table 20,000Kms away by white people who had never been there. The borders both divided tribes, and attempted to unite warring tribes, setting the nation state up for some interesting decades of internal conflict. This was copied in Rwanda (site of one of the bloodiest days in any genocide ever), in Congo (sites of one of the longest, bloodiest civil wars still going today) and Nigeria and Sudan (sites of ideological wars that have destroyed families and country infrastructure so much so that Sudan split into north and south.) Some people groups were ever meant to be forced into intimacy.

Jump back over to the middle east. “The jews” got beat up a little in high school (WW2), and as a graduation present, “the jews” “dad”, gave him a complete strangers house. His “dad” walked into “Palestines” house, kicked out all the occupants, repainted, renamed, and settled “the jews” into a place they never belonged, as all of “the jews” were flown in from other places.

“Israel” hadn’t existed as a place since 722BC when the people of God were kicked out because they chose what they chose. “Israel” as a promise from God was also not a place, as Gods chosen people ceased being promised a land, and were promised a kingdom, through Christ. The new “Jerusalem” was also not a physical place, as the elder John writes in the last book of the NT canon – symbolically, the city of New jerusalem was an exciting place, a place of God’s victory and presence. But was never intended to be the actual physical Jerusalem in the middle east. What would be exciting about returning to a city whose recent history has been bloodied by multiple wars and dirtied by the hands and feet of millions of tourists. God wants MORE for his people. A BETTER place.

So when one talks about “Israel” the modern day, less than a hundred year old country, one is helped by mentally renaming it. Lets call it “Yahtzee”, for no apparent reason. So, the “UN” decide that, “the people of God” deserve to return to their “homeland” in the midst of many other peoples homeland and create “Yahtzee”. As we have discussed, it was not their homeland (and never was for these specific people… and their ancestors maybe, but only provided that they obeyed Gods leading, which they didn’t and so since 722 it was not), they are not the people of God, (as “they” refuse to recognize Gods own son), AND, when it comes down to it, if any other religious system decided these things, the “west” would be in uproar. (Oh wait…. can anyone remember the crusades?)

Another parrallel. – I am Australian, my blood is mostly Dutch, but i have Irish and English in there somewhere. My forebears we involved, or at least knew of those involved in the rape and pillage of an indigenous people. We arrive here, killed a bunch of them and moved in on their land. When you look back on our history, it is filled with injustice. It is filled with theft and deception and rejection. Fast forward 200 years and Australia is relatively united as a multicultural society based on principles of mateship and innovation. Now imagine that the indigenous people of Australia decided that their god had promised them the land of Australia, and some financial backers in China decided that that was correct in the scriptures of their religion, and so provided the aboriginal people of Australia, the weaponry and the nation state borders within Australia to “reclaim, their lost land”.

The world would be in shock. But this is very similar to how “the jews” got given “Israel” or “Yahtzee”. Then, the Australian people would begin to fight back, and China backed Indigenous people of Australia would want more land, so they would take more land. And then Australia would not want to give them that land so they continue fighting. And then the children start fighting, and then the savvy media communicators of China convince the world even further that the Aboriginals deserve that land and the poor children and etc etc.

The issue then gets super complicated because then New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia get a little involved, they don’t like whats happening and they support Australia. But somehow,  the Chinese backed Aboriginals are super good at fighting wars and hold back all attackers, and then for some reason or other, the world community dismantle the nationhood of Australia. etc etc etc I hope my point is made.

Israel want parts of the middle east that were NEVER theirs after 722BC. BOTH sides are guilty of atrocities. BOTH sides are guilty. But its ridiculous to think that it will sort itself out with the state of “Israel” existing.

My conclusion is this – completely dismantle the state of “Israel”, similar to how the Ottoman empire was dismantled, similar to how the USSR was dismantled. Give “nationhood” to any people group that wants it and give stewardship of the holy lands tourism sectors to the swiss or the bolivians. Give the stewards history militias, who are trained to protect historical artifact, and let those that will worship their gods peaceful, worship their gods peacefully.

– (I read this after posting… it is interesting. –

4 thoughts on “The Jews aren’t Gods people.

  1. What about the remnant of Israel that God promised to keep? I don’t think present-day Israel is being punished for not following Jesus, because God specifically said he would harden their hearts but preserve a remnant to allow for the nations to be grafted in, and then in the fullness of time he’d soften their hearts and bring them back…

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