twenty nine. Old but not old. Young but kinda old. Mature but still growing. Secure but being pushed into the unknown.

The last year of my life has been filled with amazing victories and almost safe events. But it has also included the most uncomfortable times of my entire life. I learned how cripplingly shy i can be, how well my brain responds to hard input, and how studious i can be when i need to be. I made a ton of friends, i was home sick for a moment, and i decided that that is ok. I played a lot of music in a lot of different places, i wrote thousands of words, i have read even more. I have giggled and cried and slept and been restless. i have been very healthy, and have almost crapped my pants multiple times (shout out to south east asia outreach). i got new tattoos, i built things, i cut my own hair and grew a large beard. I drank some of the greatest and worst coffees in the world. I have also eaten some foods that made me want to hurl and then want more. (shout out to brown cheese) I’ve started to learn a new language, i spoke for a few days on a school for the first time. I fell in love with rooibos tea and got made microwave muffins for finishing my homework.

I got denied a visa after which my entire life changed. I made a best friend in south africa who instantly became one of my biggest heros. I held my nephew on the day he was born, slept in the oslo airport and prayed in a prayer tower over the city of amsterdam after getting an amazing coffee in the middle of the red light district. i visited six museums in two large cities in two different countries in two days. and then slept a long time.

I live a crazy life that constantly surprises me and illicits such responses from other people as “wow i wish i lived that life”.

I am blessed and privileged to be alive, let alone to be living a life from my dreams.

so thank you.

thank you to all the people who love me and support me and affirm me and have kept me alive over the last 29 years. like my parents and family, but also people like evan and luke who want to hang out every time i come home. and alex who lets me sit and just giggle with him. And there are like 50 others that keep me thinking, and keep me comforted and beloved.


29 is going to be a good year.


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