I like being son / brother.

I am a son.

As so as I enter my parents house, I stop being a 29 year old, experienced musician, trainer, photographer, adventurer and become their third child. I get fussed over. I get shown the snack cupboard. I get to use their car. My mother makes sure I have a clean towel, and finds amazing jumpers for me to wear. Dad tells stories and shares knowledge tidbits and makes sure I’m not lost in the seas of life, I also occasionally still get to cut trees down with him.

The subject of my teeth came up, and they almost drove me to the dentist that moment. I get to speak at Dad’s school, and will once again be Mr Randalls son. I get invited out to my parents friends houses for dinner without them. But in this house I am a kid. An older, hairier, less accident prone kid – i will give you that. But I am their child, beloved and enjoyed.

And I LOVE IT! I am safe here. I am at home here and i love it.

I am brother.

Growing up, I had a tall giant brother, and two similar heighted sisters. I played sport with some, i invented imagination lands with others. I physically wrestled some, and with others, the one time we yelled at each other I received a sorry note five minutes later. I travelled the entire country with these three, I went to church constantly with all three, watched movies, played games, eaten christmas dinners and laughed ALOT with them. But as we grew up and moved away, our relationships changed a little.

I would occasionally find myself in a melbourne pub with my brother, or a sydney street with Claire, or listened to a political conversation between Lydia and Dad, but on the whole we lived apart from each other.

But I loved when one of them would ring me up whilst walking around Sydney on my birthday just to chat for a while. And i loved sitting around Claires dinner table and just talking about everything, and laughing and thinking. And I loved when Peter got voxer so we could continue chatting while i was in Sweden.

I love them all. I love being in family. I love those that have been adopted or married into this funny gang. And i will miss being physically around them a lot. But I’m thankful to be related.

What do you like about your family?


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