Injustice is a preventable disease.

“hope is not a rumour….”

Its easy to convince yourself that life is hopeless. I have friends who are dead, i have sick relatives, this world is currently tormented by evil, convincing us that one type of people is less valuable than another, that certain land masses can not hold more people, that money is.. that sex is… that babies are….

But hope isn’t a rumour. God has won. Jesus died and rose to deal with evil. There is still a minor echo of evil resounding off the walls of our current times, but life can be simplified, justice can be simplified down to just a few words.

Ask. Listen. Do. Repeat.

Those of us that believe that the creator of the world lives within us and speaks, this should not be foreign to us. But as a white western man with google in my pocket, I sometimes over complicate EVERYTHING.

‘First i gotta read all of the news reports and argue about it’

‘Next lets go to a protest and throw ice water on each other’

“Next lets drown our sorrows in your drink of choice because I can’t save the world on my own’

When simply asking and receiving could save us a whole lot of energy.

Asking what news to read, what protest to go to, what drink to drink with whom, puts us on an entirely different adventure. But one that will step after step bring light and love to dark places that haven’t felt warmth in years.

‘So we are just robots for the lord?’

NO, we are his children. Occasionally i will email my father about life situations that I am clueless about. Why? Because my father has been alive for double what i have been alive for. GOD on the other hand has been around FOREVER!!

Why wouldn’t we ask Him?

If history repeats. (Which it seems to) God would have even MORE good advice, for everyone.

Injustice is a preventable disease because we have the greatest scientist, doctor, and law mind ever to exist on our side because HE CREATED IT. We prevent it with every choice we make. OR we assure it with every step we take.

Simple example.

The injustice of theft. The taking of something that is not yours. Begins with the devaluing of work and man.

Man: ‘I don’t want to work, but i want good things, so I have decided not to work, but to take things because I want them’

The stolen: I worked super hard to get this giant blow up jumping castle, I am going to enjoy it.

Man: “Nope, I’m taking it”

The stolen: I sad.

The injustice was not created by “EVIL” but by mans decision. Evil was definitely apart of it. (See angels and demons in cartoons on shoulders) BUT, humanity CHOOSES what way to go.

Injustice is a preventable disease through our individual and corporate actions.

Simple example.

Certain religious movements have determined that women a less valuable then men.

Man: This book here says something about women….. must mean that they are less valuable. Lets kind of abuse them under the auspices of “our religion told us to”

Easily convinced idiot: Yeah that sounds right, yo.

AND BAM!! you have the injustice of inequality of genders.

The injustice was made, arguably by either militant ignorance, or power hunger, or laziness in thought.

We CHOOSE injustice. and like any disease there are medicines, and cures. but the best medicine is prevention.

Prevent injustice from eating away out our societies soul. Choose love. Choose value. Choose grace. Choose prayer. Choose life.

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