Bored and Free

If you are getting chased down the street by gun toting extremists, hell bent on destroying you because of what you believe. The belief structures your life adheres to are sharply and quickly focused. They have to be. You can’t really um and ah with a bullet seconds away from entering your bodice.

The church in China, North Korea, Nigeria, the middle east even parts of Europe are being forced into a life-endangering adventure,

to follow Jesus in name or action.

Where the action will get someone shot or mistreated. This kind of endangerment seems to increase zeal in disciples. The church in China especially has exploded into a huge underground force, changing lives.

The last couple of days i have been discussing the tension between supernatural salvation/ wealth and natural richness versus poverty in both. Are we, as followers of Jesus, meant to be rich in both natural resources and heavenly storehouses? Are we meant to be secure and safe? Should we buy houses and have savings accounts, or should we find our salvation in Jesus and spend the rest of our lives finding that for other people irrelevant of our financial status.

Outsiders looking into Africa sometimes argue the latter. Almost to say ‘It’s ok that Africans are disease ridden and poor… as long as they have Jesus’. Which I find offensive and racist. But then those that have bought houses are sometimes looked on as unspiritual naturalists. I think they are also treated unjustly.

God has given us a book full of principles that teach work ethic, trading wisdom and community development – for humanity to live wealthy lives. But it also teaches faith and trust in a miraculous God.

That all said, the boredom that comes from 9-5 uneventful lives for some people is quite infectious. Many times people have watched my life from a distance and jokingly asked to swap lives, as their own feels claustrophobic in its unadventurous sameness.  And just to use my own life as an example, I once had a competition with a friend to see how many different beds i slept in in a year, and I don’t remember the exact number but it was more than 30. I’m constantly in a state of movement, new faces, new cultures, and it forces me into making relationships and trusting God in ways that others never will.

But it also means that I never get bored.

The last week I have met a lot of bored people. And I have to say,

God is not boring.

Jesus’ life was not boring. And if we are being called into lives that follow his example, our lives should also never be boring.

Is it boring to sacrifice time and emotional effort to connect with people who haven’t met the love of jesus before?

Is it boring seeing prayer change lives?

It is boring changing habits and seeing freedom in our own lives and the lives of people around us because we take Gods principles seriously?

Is it boring being led by the holy spirit to strange places we would never go to on our own?


I’m about to move to Sweden for two years. Not because I have ever wanted to. But because God is calling me there. And because He is calling me, I know that it will be hilariously fun, hard and adventurous.

I understand not everyone should i’ve the life I am living, But even when I lived in Canberra and worked a 50 hour a week job with ministry on top, I still went on strange adventures with God, because I was quick to say “YES” and give people space in my life to be broken and weird.

Let Jesus lead you. If you feel like Church is a crock. If you feel like the established 3 hour meeting once a week isn’t for you, than DON’T GO. But GO with God. Figure out how he leads you, and let him take you on adventure.

It’s awkward, and sometimes you will get shy and not want to say yes, but when you do, you will have cool stories and lives will change because you said

‘Ok God of the universe, use these dirty hands’

Heres a talk I once did on giving people space if you are interested.

A quick one on Hawaiian sharing. (click it)

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