Sent. Prepare. Proclaim.

Jesus was sent by the father. He was prepared. He would then prepare the listener – healing, exorcism, providing food. Then he would proclaim the good news.

“If you want change. If you crave a better life. Do it. Change. Turn around. Be different. And believe that I exist. Because as I showed you, I have authority over the evil in your life and I want the best for you.”

BAM – drop the mic. 

We too, are sent. When Jesus was sent to parts of Palestine, we are sent to our own places. For a season I was sent to Newcastle. For my next season or two I am being sent to Sweden. I meet a lot of people who don’t know where they are sent, so they either ‘just stay and wait’ or ‘dawdle’ (Which is a fancy word for walking around aimlessly.)

We are prepared. Jesus had thirty years of unreported preparation. Jesus was also out in the desert for 40 days in preparation. Jesus also prepared his followers, his listeners, the world, for GODS LOVE, and his timely exit for the Holy Spirit to come. I was prepared in different ways for different things. My youth prepared me for community living, youth work and christian ministry. Living in a large house with different cultures prepared me for conflict resolution and engagement of large groups. Most people I meet don’t know why they are prepared, or even that they are being prepared at all. This is most likely because they don’t see value in their own life stories, or they don’t believe Jesus would send them anywhere, so why should they be prepared for it.

You are being prepared whether you like it or not. Prepared for good, or for evil. Pol Pot was prepared. He didn’t accidently massacre thousands of people.

Just do it. Get prepared for the Lords work on purpose.

We too are a proclamation. In life. In word. In deed. Christ translated and proclaimed the fathers love into our language. As we do today. We have authority to do so. We have the right preparation. And we are going to a certain place.

Be sent.

Be Prepared.



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