The King and the Prophet

The prophet walks out into the streets and tells whoever will listen

‘If you keep eating sugar you will all get weird diseases and die. Eat better, maybe take a walk sometimes.’

The king discusses with his advisers and decides that the people need to lose weight because they are dying too quickly, so he prints some leaflets about sugar and taxes overly sugared products, and attempts to protect his citizens from the injustice of sugar sellers after profits more than the good of the people.

The people ignore the prophet, and vote out the king.

The prophet walks out into the streets and tells whoever will listen

‘If you ignore your children, they will end up with children in prison. Maybe talk to them once in a while”

The king discusses with his advisers and decides that he can take care of children better than the parents. He can educate better than parents, he can keep children out of prisons with halfway houses. So he taxes his people to finance these plans, and attempts to protect children from the injustice of easily distractible parents.

The people silence the prophets because their words encroach on their ‘free speech’ and they praise the king for doing their job, but they vote him out because he taxes them, and the people hate being taxed.

The prophet walks out into the streets and tells whoever will listen

‘Don’t smoke crack, in fact, why not live lives so that crack pales in comparison’

The king discusses with his advisers, and makes home ownership almost impossible.

The people are placated to work menial jobs that they don’t really like because they assume that this is the only life they deserve, and they soften such a blow by smoking way too much crack. Then.. when the government tries to make it harder for the people to placate themselves, the people revolt and legalize all the placating.

The prophet is silenced. He refuses to even go out into the streets because he is too busy placating himself.

The king is pushed around by big business and subtle extremism that he has gone and sulked in the corner because no one votes for him anymore.

The people aren’t sure what to do.

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