Guest Post: Jake Wood – Unorthodox Home

Over the next few weeks I will be getting some of my friends to write some guest posts on “Waiting” “Leading” and “Home.

Todays guest post is from my good friend Jake Wood. Jake is from California. He is an amazing man. I could sit with Jake for a very long time as he is a very good conversationalist but even when he doesn’t say anything he is comforting and hospitable and great. Our friendship flourished whilst he was home in Cali through the magic of early morning voxers about Genesis and Exodus whilst he sat in cold mornings at his job. 

He, like me, works for a missions organization which means our concept of home is a little… different.

When I think of home, a few things immediately come to mind. I think of my incredible mother, Diana, who passed away recently after a 10 month battle with cancer. I think of my best friends, Joey and Nigel, who have stood alongside me for better or worse. I think of summertime cruises in my little Honda Civic with no particular destination. I also think of In n Out, but it’s not often that I don’t think of In n Out. Home for me isn’t about the place; it’s about the collection of memories that bring me joy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately, and of why I would leave such a great place. I’ve been thinking about what an unorthodox life I live. A life that goes against the norm of what Western Society has been telling me for 21 years. A life  that always been a dream of mine. I always knew that I wanted to leave home, to travel all over the world, to experience different cultures, and to do life with people that I love. God has given me the desires of my heart, and so much more. Not only has He given me all of those things, but He’s given me a purpose. Those are the things that were worth leaving home for.  Home was comforting, home was nurturing, home was fun, and for the most part, home was easy. The thing is, God didn’t design me to stay at home. He designed me to be adventurous, and to live radically.

Home will never be the same for me, and that’s a difficult thought to swallow. Leaving home to come back to YWAM Newcastle was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but it was a choice God gave me to make. It’s also a choice I would make again if given another chance. I love this community. I love the boldness that God has put in my heart; the courage to even think about making the decision to leave home, to leave my comfort, to leave my friends, to leave my mom. It’s hard to admit, but I don’t think Pleasanton, California will be home ever again. But you know what? I have a new home now, and it’s a permanent, yet not so physical place. My home is the Kingdom, and the Kingdom goes wherever I go. I’ve decided that I want devote my life to sharing this home with people who don’t have a home. It’s adventurous, it’s scary, and it’s my dream life. It’s what God designed me to do.

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