Support Families.

My parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary this year. They are still very much in love. They have brought up 4 very socially aware, intelligent, good looking children who – may still not know how to dress for the occasion, but all have started wearing shoes more appropriately. Our family is great to hang out with, we have travelled the world and made friends every where we go. We are traditionally a family.

On the cricket the other day, a couple got up and he proposed to the lady and she said yes. They already have children and they’ve been together for seven years. That unit is a family. One of my friends had multiple children with multiple partners and they too are family. I’m not writing to draw a line when family is family and when family is not. But, family is hard work. Its bringing multiple personalities together under one umbrella. But its tighter then a club because it usually unifies blood lines.

36 years ago, my parents brought the Randalls and the Deboers together. Our histories, our gene pool, our relations all came together in one “i do” and then four births. And watching from a childhood sideline, family isn’t a walk in the park. Although we did that too. And all the support, all the friendships, all the advice was much appreciated.

So when politicians like Bernardi, and religious leaders come out damning the different shapes that family can look, instead of supporting, loving, helping them, it kinda doesn’t make sense.

Jesus stopped a prostitute from getting stoned to death and then swore at the religious leaders. Jesus touched, healed and clothed a crazy man that everyone else feared. Jesus had parents that weren’t married at his birth…. And I’m not saying that people who don’t have a shape like the “Randalls” are prostitutes and crazy people. I’m saying, if we have convinced ourselves that they are for some reason, we need to change.

Support families. Support child birth. Support your local member.

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