Good News and Grace from a Big ol Jerk


Like when a child paints a piece of paper with all of the colours it turns black. This is my mind. A million colours attempting to paint and ending with a big pile of… blank busyness.

So take one of the colours. – GRACE.

God created man, man destroys the intimate relationship for millennia, so God involves himself in history so much that he sends his son to earth. Fully God, Fully man, to invite and make a way for humans to interact intimately once again with their creator. Mankind don’t deserve such love. They deserve to be left on their own for eternity. But GRACE is extended to everyone. Irrelevant of what one does. This is Gods default position. EVERYONE. ALL.

He calls us to go do likewise. We have experienced this free invitation and told. GO.

So here is God. he KNOWS everything about us. He knows our lives, our lies, our addictions, our destructive habits, our disrespect, our rebellion and our selfishness. He knows us better than we know ourselves or each other. And yet he still says – I entered your existence so that you could be with me. Help me invite others to be with me with this sort of love.

He goes individually. Each and everyone of us. He makes us feel comfy, he wants us to experience his love tangibly in amongst the suffering and discomfort of human life. He wants to gives us tools to live intimately with him and with others to build an eternal kingdom with him.

And then then most of Christendom is like…..

“You know what? We know better than you about this love stuff… instead of grace, we will extend blind ‘justice’, if the boxes aren’t crossed correctly, they can’t be with us.”

So we made a list.

– women

– blacks

– gays

– widows

– teenage mothers

– Those that have had abortions.

– those that have had sex changes

– those that are depressed

– those that sing songs written by any on the list.

– those that ask the questions that make us uncomfortable

– communists

– democrats

– etc

So God, who knows all, knows all of your stuff and says “Believe in me, love me, follow me’

But we, who know NOTHING, and have problems with our own biases, from legitimate wounding, trust that our instincts are grace filled and loving?

I am not Jesus. I know Jesus. I like Jesus. But I can’t make the kind of calls that Jesus made. His intimacy with the father meant that he could fully love and fully correct peoples choices really well. I make mistakes when i try that sort of thing, and i usually misrepresent the love of God when I arrogantly think i can.

So I am going to try harder at just accepting people where they are at, and see where that gets me.



– I am not ignorant of sin. Sin is real and it destroys us and it needs to be dealt with. But it is dealt with AT THE CROSS.

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