The disciples didn’t try.

Reading through the Gospel of Mark this week I was struck by the amount of moments Jesus expects the disciples to do something incredible, then, when they don’t, he does it.

The storm when they were in the boat. Jesus falls asleep. Then, when his followers don’t twig to their authority, he wakes up, nonchalantly tells the storm to shut it, and then probably goes back to sleep.
Feeding the 5000, he tells them to feed the people. They don’t, so then Jesus asks what they do have and hands that out. Then the 4000, he does it again, and they refuse to feed the people again and Jesus does his thing.

I believe he would have done that to them constantly to teach them,

You can do this, I believe in you.

And he hasn’t stopped. Jesus continues to set us up for the win. To do incredible things through and with us.

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