The why of Lithuania.

Tomorrow I set foot in my 22nd Nation. A nation God has spoken to me multiple times over the last four years and I’m very excited to go. And for most it doesn’t make sense because many don’t even know where or what Lithuania is, so I just want to write out where this trip is coming from and why it is so exciting.

I decided quite some years ago that I didn’t really care where I live in the world as long as God directed me there and it was an adventure. That’s what took me to Newcastle, that’s what has taken me all around the world… God, and his direction. So, in 2011, I led a team of six into Uganda for 9 weeks. The first three on the east side, the other six on the west. And the first night we spent on the west side was in our friends living room. The three boys and I were sleeping soundly and I woke up to a word. It hasn’t happened many times, and this was the only time it was a countries name. I felt “Lithuania”. I don’t think I had heard that word many times in my life at all because I had no clue where it was.

For some reason, I thought it was in South America, So I jumped out of bed and rushed to the giant map of the world and starting looking through the top of south America. Venezuela, no. Suriname, no. Guyana, no.

No Lithuania.

So I went further a field and looked quickly through Africa, nothing. Then through western Europe… and as I got to Lithuania I was like “WHAAAAAT?”. I didn’t get it. Why was I woken up by this countries name, deep in the recesses of Northern Europe? I started praying for it and thinking about why I was woken up. And then my team woke up awkwardly to find that one of the guys was sleeping naked. Laughter ensued and we moved to our house for the month up the road.

I found no conclusion on Lithuania, so I let it go.

A year later, one of our friends who was involved in starting a campus I was involved in was talking to us about pioneering. He was saying stuff like ‘And sometimes God just gives you a name of a place and expects you to go there, has any of you had that?’ BAM. God, as cheeky as ever seemed to say ‘Yeh, you remember Lithuania don’t you’.

As the speaker spoke on I started a strange dialogue with God.

“God, I don’t really understand why you would want me there. I thought I was always going to go settle in Africa or stay here in Australia. I’ve never even heard of Lithuania that much.” blah blah blah, avoiding the question. and then I stopped.

Maybe this was my adventure. So I went on.

“Ok God, I kinda want some kind of confirming that this is part of my adventure, so if I find some free online classes to learn the language…. I’ll take this seriously” Moments later I googled and found…. guess what?? FOUND SOME!!! (although I didn’t know at that stage how hard the language is. #lols)

So it became something I would think about and Wikipedia occasionally. Every map I would come to I would look at the normal things… Canberra, Italy, Brazil, Vietnam AND Lithuania.

Another year later, I’m sitting in a tent with a lot of my friends and a speaker was talking about our untils. Those things that God has spoken that have an essence of action. That something won’t be complete “Until” or we won’t receive a promise “until”… etc. We were asked to go journal by ourselves about the untils.

I’m sitting in the middle of a field in the darkness. “God, what are my untils?”

Lithuania and sword sharpening.

That what I got. Sword sharpening ended up being getting more training, that would then take me to Sweden. and at first, we will have a set of trips led by the northern Europe eldership of YWAM, and guess who gets to go on the scouting trip for the first one?


I fly out tomorrow morning to spend two days by myself walking the streets of Vilnius to maybe see what God wants me to see.

Then I meet up with two new friends to scope out “Eye on Vilnius”.

This is not only a dream come true for me – that God would speak and see it to fruition, this is also an adventure that freaks me out and fills me with excitement.

Please pray for me. Pray that I pick up what Jesus is laying before me. Pray that I risk and am bold.

I’ll keep you posted. This is going to be amazing fun.

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