Safe and Sound

A man would train his son to take care of the farm, his family and his friends. His farm was needed to feed and keep one alive. His family were those that he loved the most – these he was to protect and keep safe by providing for them – food, warmth, a wall around them while they slept. His friends were those who had stood beside him, who he traded with, whom he fought alongside. Life was simple enough.

I grew up off the farm in a culture whose sense of “safety” was a little different. In the capita city of Australia, education is a high commodity. One would strive hard to get good grades, a good university degree, a good job, own a house, and set up retirement from an early age. That was safe. That was secure. Independence, education, a future. Some I know do not enjoy their lives, but have the safety thing down pat. Their savings are huge, their grades were high, their job is auspicious, and their families are cute, but the sense of safety comes almost at the cost of a feeling of numbness, like all dreams are cut off or diverted from being realised.

At 29, I am currently working a dream job, on the other side of the world from where i grew up. I have very little savings, I have no uni degree, i left high school with a percentage rating of 57 and the largest asset I own is a Mesa Nomad combo amp worth 2200$ when i bought it more than 7 years ago. I haven’t felt safer. And I’ll tell you why.

My Dad did his job well. My mother and he have continued to do their jobs well – as giant arrows to Jesus.

Sounds cheesy huh? Almost too simplistic. But all through our lives, my parents taught us two important lessons.

One – they loved us and thought we were awesome. I still get teary when my Dad tells me he is proud of me. I still feel super special when my parents skype me and I spend most of it laughing because they are soo funny. I love them a lot, but they love me a lot more. They encouraged all of us kids to go for what we wanted and what we were good at, which for my siblings was university and other cities. For me at first it was just living with people and figuring life out in a crowded context.

Two – God is good. We may have differences of opinion of all the rest of christendom. We have worshipped in different churches since i turned 19, but we will always agree on the our God is very very good.

These truths bring a ton of safety. that anywhere I go, whatever I do, I have two of the greatest people on the planet cheering for me. Dad even told me a few times that if i ever got in trouble he would come rescue me. HAHAHA. that made me smile so big. Im technically a man, but the idea of my Dad rescuing me is the best.  And that the creator of our souls is GOOD. means i cant go through hell on earth and trust, that He is good. But i can also expect the best and the funnest because He is good.

Our safe and sound needs to resound with the goodness of God and realities of what surrounds us.

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