Church is so good.

I love walking into church and being greeted by a friendly old woman who knows how you make one comfortable, knows how to direct traffic, knows how to introduce you to the right people, and know how to crack a hilarious joke at the right time.

I love being at church and hearing something new that makes you shut up and listen.

I love being invited home for lunch after church. Not as a part of church, not as a ministry of the church, not as an obligation, but almost like a mother hen bringing her chicks under her wing. Comforting, and looking out for the noobs.

I love singing songs i know, but i also love singing songs I don’t know, when those songs are powerful. I also love when bass players in ornate cathedrals play huge solos in the midst of hymns.

I love priests that dress up for the occasion. I also love when the speaker has no shoes on.

I love churches that have tea and coffee after (FIKA) so that you can mingle and its not super awkward.

I love when babies cry in the middle of the service, and i love looking around to see all those serious holy faced types glare at the mother as if to think “how dare they bring children to a God centred worship service” Its just so… ironic.

I love taking communion from the hands of the pastor/ priest and being blessed by them.

I love when God speaks in church.

I love good communicators. and when the church announcements aren’t dumb.

I love when churches have weird stuff hung up around the place like full model boats, and crochet banners that say something grammatically incorrect.

I love when the blood of Christ is alcoholic. and the body of Christ is actually home made and not old mouldy crap from the cupboard. My lord is not cupboard crisp bread.

I love cell groups that hurt your brain because everyone has a different opinion.

I love tension filled moments when members of the body of Christ are honest with each other, disagree, and are committed to working it out.

I love teen bible class teachers who aren’t by the book but allow questions and run D and D games.

I love church sleep overs where no one sleeps but everyone laughs and has a ton of fun memories.

I love when different denominations get together to serve their city because they love the city and each other and are ok with disagreeing but are passionate about worshipping together.

I love Christian radio that is open to try new things.

I love pray meetings on top of hills.

I love skating at 6am with the youth from church because thats what they want to do.

I love church.

I have always loved church, and i think thats why i have gone through seasons of hating church so deeply, because i have seen her at her best. Which makes her ugly seasons that much more disgusting.


What do you like about church?

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