Movember. I am the king of the hipsters.

Movember is an amazing fundraiser, that gets men to grow moustaches and get supporters to donate money to charities of the prostate cancer and mens depression varieties. It is a genius month. One that certain wives do not look forward to, and one that certain Jeremy’s love. and not because i think i look great in a moustache. But, because its the one time a year i feel able to shave to skin.. revealing my gross blotchy “my skin is weird” face.. as well as make some incredible memories with friends all over the world.

Last year movember was had in Cambodia and Myanmar. I went and got my face shaved by a man who may not shave many faces from full beard to skin, so yes… he revealed my sensitive skin flaws even more than i do myself. We then got visa photos for Myanmar and combined with my amazing collared shirt decision of the day i looked like an amazingly successful drug dealer.

The year before was the first time i did it almost to skin. In the real movember world you shave your entire face to skin and then grow it back, almost a competition in manliness to see whose mo is thickest by the end. But i usually just cut it into the seediest moustache i can do. But when i actually did it, by the end of the month my moustache was almost sensible looking.

A few years before that, one of the first days of Movember i supported a touring band at a show they played at one of our favourite venues. it was one of the first times i had a show separate to friends or bands i already played in. I got on stage with my Dad in the audience and played quite a fun show in front of friends and strangers.

So today I begin a new Movember. One in sweden. Not sure what the reaction will be. and thats sometimes not even the point. Im also looking forward to seeing how committed i am to staying shaved to skin. or how quickly i will resort to going back to good old beard. A faithful look since the early parts of 2002.

Why have I told you all of this? Because it has been an interesting journey of vulnerability for me. I used to have a beard because i was lazy. then i had a beard because i was not a big fan of my face. then i had a beard because i was travelling so often and when you have to shave in a dodgy asian bathroom without soap or water you begin to do even more damage to your face than usual. then i didnt want a beard because i began to really like my face but i was not talented enough with a razor to keep it to skin. and now… i dont know. i am almost settled in Sweden. So i could attempt staying to skin… So i might.

but why else am i telling you this? because i think you are beautiful. and if anyone tells you otherwise (unless you have snot running out of your eye ball or something)… I will punch them or i will borrow a big swedish arm from somewhere.

Lets see how Movember goes. and then lets see if i can learn the skill most men learn when they are 14.

Wish me luck.

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