The bucket Game and our future.

Swedish people speak better English than many native English speakers. This is an interesting phenomena when you speak to large crowds and crack a joke through a translator. You get a large laugh, and then a less big laugh. HAHA. double laughs.

Last night I had the honour of sharing at a youth group. We played the bucket game. In Swedish, so i was the time keeper. But it was funny seeing these young people getting into it. Then we spread out into a circle and i began telling stories.

I told about how I used have long hair and was called a girl and a drug dealer. I told about when i was called stupid and how my father would continually tell me constructive truths that kept me from believing all the unhelpful labels I received at school. I then gave them two minutes to think about the labels they had been given. (It ended up being 1 minute because my attention span is still not all that great… hahah and we discussed that later too)

Then I talked about how God speaks life over us, and gives us confidents and faith in his goodness and in our abilities to go around doing unique things.

I think told my story about Ehud, and translating that story could have been interesting but my friend jonathan did it amazing, without giving me any weird faces and i got laughs at the right times and places. and then I asked them who they wanted to be. Not do. Not destiny. But who they wanted to BE.

We had a primary school teacher in the room and she spoke about her uniqueness and wanting to be herself. We had a gym instructor – electrician say he wanted to be different, we had a very friendly girl say she was told she spoke too much but God said she was powerful in the ways she spoke and another girl agreed with the teacher, she wanted to be the best version of herself.

I then got them to share and pray with those sitting next to them.

Its funny walking into a room of strangers who you aren’t native speakers with them and still connect with them on a genuine human-shared level.

This country and its people are so beautiful and so powerful and so special.

I like it.

3 thoughts on “The bucket Game and our future.

  1. /–/ I asked them who they wanted to be. Not do. Not destiny. But who they wanted to BE. /–/

    Soo good!!! Youth group times are the best!! Where did you all go this time? 😛

  2. /–/ and then I asked them who they wanted to be. Not do. Not destiny. But who they wanted to BE. /–/
    So good!! Really makes you think.
    And Youth groups are the best!! 😛

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