Defined by love.

Tonight I found myself in a car with a missions kid who spoke 4 different languages enough to go shopping, two Afghani kids who spoke persian and limited Swedish (a lot for being here a month) and a Swede who is fluent in Swedish and English. And we were driving around a tiny island collecting answers to questions. I slowly got car sick, but also got excited about the night.

Later me and the Swede stood in front of the larger group of young people and I got to share on who God says we are. ( A short blog on what I shared )

And at the end, my Swedish friend led us all in an application time of proclaiming who we are out loud. During the ending worship songs some of us stood to the side to pray for anyone who wanted that. A guy came up to me and started talking about what had happened in the two minutes of silence I gave for God to speak. He spoke of God reminding him of his leadership calling. That he was a leader and he should and can lead. He spoke about how God had told him this before but he had always believed he was a behind the scenes guy, that he wasn’t to be an influencer, but he now knew that he needed to become that leader that God had spoken over him.

I began to pray. Not knowing that he had grown up in China and his English was fine, I went in and out of more complicated English to broken simplified English. As I struggle to stay in either in this place, but I felt like God was super stoked about him. and i got excited that someone tangibly heard Gods labels louder than peoples labels.

The labels that have been spoken to us by hurt and broken and stupid people need to be peeled off us or crossed out so that Gods labels are the only ones left. God is our creator. God is our redeemer.

Stop letting other people define who you are.

Let love define you. Let love encapsulate you in His arms and listen to Him when he’s says that you are His.

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