Eye on Vilnius. Day one.

The day starts with a fire. I wanted a warm shower before I left, so I made an incredible fire, and later I would restock the fire alongside one of my friends david. He’s good to chat with whilst getting my pyromania on.

We drove to rygge and laughed and hung out and I didn’t read all that much and as I went through security the fastest ever I then settled I. To review swedish words and read my book and fall asleep and review words and read my book and fall asleep and then we landed in a snow covered wonderland…. Vilnius. My second visit in as many months, but this time it was freezing, snow covered and I wasn’t alone whilst trying to figure out how to get to the place.

I met my percussionist for the week. Learned the verses of the song God gave us specifically, wrote the slide show, realised that the projector was on the opposite side of the room to the sound gear and therefore realised one of my lifetime dreams.

Lead worship from behind people.

We ate huge pizzas, shook a lot of hands, made some people laugh, ate some weird sugar drink and then started playing a low strapped guitar. We vamped for a while on the phrase “we are here for you”. There were prayers in different languages, there were moments of quiet and there were moments of loud.

We then heard a word on pioneering and prayed that if God wanted to, he could send me here for ever. And I meant it.

I then got into a car with a woman I haven’t seen for five years. A woman whose life changed completely alongside mine over six months. She has now gone on to pioneer and lead a ministry to prostitutes in the Baltic, and I have recently moved to sweden and it was quite mind trip that we would be meeting In such circumstances. So we reminisced and then went out literally looking for prostitutes. She had been given a tip off that they were near the train strait ion and she wanted to scope the place to find those that she cared so much for.

An ex cop from. The Netherlands, this old friend, begun telling her stories from the last four years. The people she has met, the first time she started a ministry, the teams she leads, the huge pioneering efforts she has single handedly gotten off the ground. And the figures she was quoting were huge and grand and ultimately spoke of the multitudes of lives she has helped change with the love of God. But she told these stories without batting an eyelid. With a humility that said ‘we’ve done good, but we can do way better’.

We found the street, prayed and talked about coming back. She and her ministry parter discussed the similarities of here and her home and how the enemy is not creative.

We returned to the hostel, talked about our lives some more and as I retired to my room full of students I began speaking to man described earlier to me as the best cinematographer in Latvia. And hearing his stories, without seeing a second of footage, I would believe that.

The projects he has worked on, the way he tells his history of hi. And his camera, the people he has met and admires. We spoke of music and where I am from, and he would launch into stories about how he wants to tell better stories. I like him. Good dude.

And as I now write this in the dark, listening to snoring and farting and after turning off my inappropriately loud miss timed alarm at 1030 I will say this.

These next few days are going to change a few lives.
I’m going to throw snow at someone.
I’m going to have some amazing conversations.

And God is going to speak.

Please pray alongside us.

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