Romeo is Banished.

So yesterday I spent all day in bed in a haze of fever and ache. Not enough brain space to use the day for any purpose, not enough exhaustion to spend the day sleeping, so i watched most of baz luhrmans version of Romeo + Juliet. One of my favourite movies of all time. Made when I was 11. When claire danes was 16 and before Leo Dicaprio could pull off being mean (#babyface). I’ve seen it many times. I’ve even felt a little emotional in moments during watching, but i don’t remember weeping. But this time around, and it could be the combination of tiredness and feverish body, but in part of it i began weeping.

There is this scene where the family feud gets even more heated. One side has a member who wants to duel to the death and the other member of the hoped duel refuses. Romeo is in love, so no past hatred could effect his temperament. As the tussling continues Romeos best friend steps in to defend Romeos pacifist attempts, and ends up with a fatal stab wound.

Romeo, after being hit a few times before this, sees his best friend dead and something snaps. He chases the murderer to mete out street justice. An eye for an eye, a life for a life. Finding Tybalt stuck under a car, the two have a little fight ending in Romeo shooting Tybalt multiple times.

So at this stage I am weeping because of the injustice of sweet love and a close friendship being marred by a dumb feud.

But then the next scene is the police captain pronouncing a judgement on Romeo.

“Romeo is Banished”

No appeals process. Not even a trial. Just bam. If Romeo is found on the streets of Verona he is sentenced to death. And thats when the sickness fuelled weeping really began.

God will never banish us.

We could kill all the Tybalts in the world (and we shouldn’t) and he would still give us a fair trial with mercy. We will always be given the choice of believing in him, and asking for forgiveness. ALWAYS.

Thats what Christ has done on the cross, taken away our banishment. Opening the gates of heaven forever.

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