We are the Bulgaria of the Commonwealth of Israel.

Today was ridiculously cool. I learned a lot. God spoke a lot. and I’m still not going to sleep just yet.

I will divide today into three portions:

The moment I smashed my brand new iPhone and learned about how God sees sin.

Ephesians two and all of that.

And the name sake of this blog – Why we are the boat people, the bulgarians, the cripples of the Kingdom of Heaven.

So. I woke up, had a nice breakfast, was feeling pretty stoked on the day, carefree, walking through the crisp morning to play bass in the worship band and I stopped at the gym to pick up my orange hat i left there. So i left my water bottle on some bike racks, went inside and retrieved my hat. My phone was safe and sound in my jacket pocket, and as I bent down to pick up my water bottle, my iPhone slips out and lands… yes you guessed right – screen side down, on the bike rack. POP!

It was the worst sound ever. Almost as bad as when you crack your collar bone. You know what has happened, but you don’t want to know. I have dropped this phone multiple times. Thats why I got a sweet case with it. Because sometimes I drop things. And of all the times that it would fall on its face…. Of all the times I put it in my jacket pocket…. Of all the times…

So I am standing there in shock. Why? Why did it have to smash. Why couldn’t it just bounce. I began willing time backwards to no avail. I then started talking myself through the process. – It still works. Its mainly aesthetics. You have apple care. etc etc But I was still in shock. I start googling ways to secure the glass, and where the closest apple shop is. and God stops me.

‘This is what sin was like in the garden’


My brain freezes. Its almost too simple and too obvious. Sin shocked God. Just imagine it.

Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Adam, Eve. Intimacy. Playing. Giggling. Laughing. Perfect. POP! Sin enters the world. Like my phone, God didn’t want their relationship to shatter. But it did. God didn’t want to exist in a plane where such a catastrophe happened. But he did. I wonder if he thought about rewinding time. I wonder if he thought about the patch up job, or if he googled where the nearest ‘apple’ shop was. I know he didn’t, because he already had a plan in place.

Sin is the smashed screen that God didn’t want. But he isn’t phased by it because he still loves us. We are still his. He still desires to partner with us to make amazingly good things happen. But instead of giving us a dodgy patch up job, he completely replaced our death. He completely replaced our cracked relationship with a better touch screen, a better operating system – for eternity with him.

So then I wandered into worship practice. Worship was so fun today. Including being led by this awesome Ugandan man who told me to play the bass more groovy.

But a quick run down of cool stuff from Ephesians 2

You were dead

Because of great love he raised us with him.

The blood has bought us near.

Jesus is peace for us all, because as we unite around Christ and not other nit picky things, all people are harmonised to the melody of Gods grace and love in the sacrifice of Jesus. He is peace from death also as he makes us alive.

Not stranger but citizens (more on this later)

Eternal life starts now. Our choices have eternal consequences through the lens of grace and forgiveness.

And in conclusion.


So I was talking through the chapter with my English friend Jonathan, and he talked about the commonwealth of England and how its a common agreement between all to strengthen the political and economic quality of the common bond and the community of those that live in the commonwealth. So one may not look kindly on someone actively destroying the commonwealth, or sapping it of resources.

We discussed how there are certain nation states amongst the European Union that cannot (for whatever reason) give anything to the upkeep and quality of the EU. Similar to the ‘boat people’ who arrive on the shores of Australia. In our inherent racism, the majority of Australians seem to think these faceless brown people are skill-less terrorists who will give nothing but will only take things from our national social welfare system. The argument is that they shouldn’t be allowed on our shores unless they go through proper channels and prove themselves.

We, are the boat people of Gods kingdom. We had nothing to give. We were dead. We were actively tearing Gods household apart. And he has not only brought us in as citizens, but adopted us as sons, into his household.

We that could give nothing, were given everything to equip us to co create a beautiful city that never ceases to worship their saviour.

If we are invited that intimately into the inner sanctum of God, who should be not allow to be in ours?

If sin shocks God, like a smashed screen shocked me, what should it do in us as a community?

How often are we on our knees in tears because we understand how roughly we have torn Gods heart apart with our misdemeanours?

Are we really thinking eternally? Are we really “yolo-ing” because we trust God at his word that we have life eternally?

I love you.

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