5 great questions: Who are you?

Number 2 in the 5 greatest questions to ask people:

Who are you?

This one also takes people by surprise and if answered, gives you a cool insight into who a person is. It also occasionally gives you incredibly welcomed space to tell the person who you think they are and encourage them a lot.

I have found that because of question ones usual format ‘What do you do?’, the answer to this usually comes from that place.

‘I am the leader of a 12 piece jazz band.’ ‘I am the president of a fortune 500 company’ ‘I’m an idiot’.

Depending on what they have been told all their lives, or what they have accomplished that they are proud of, the answer to this question can also be quite varied, depending on what the person heard in the question.

Formerly I would have started talking about my physical person. I am 29, I am a man, I was born in Australia. But recently i have started describing who I am from who I am FROM. I talk about my parents and my family and where i fit. Who I am like. What parts of my personality are my Dads and Mums specifically

But then sometimes the answer to this question goes into the first question. Into the things we like doing, the things we enjoy. This also gives you ‘ammo’ for further questions later on in the conversation.

For example – if someone says ‘I am the baby of the family, and my next sibling is like 4 years older’. An easy question on that is ‘How did your relationship with your siblings effect who you naturally hang out with’.

Which is something we don’t usually think about. But, my little sister has always been able to connect with people much older than her. Whereas my brother is quick strong on very old, and very young because he grew up with our grandparents and with a sister 8 years younger than him.

Who are you? It gets to our core, how we see ourselves, how we see our place in the world, and sometimes it helps for someone to tell you who they think you are as well.

Question 3: Greatest thing you have ever done. – Next

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