Question 3: Greatest thing you have ever done.

In a lot of the cultures and communities I have lived in, its quite untoward to talk about your strengths and great accomplishments without a sense of decorum, as ‘the tall poppy syndrome’ runs rampant through most individuals inner monologue. We are quite lax with thinking about the greatest thing we have done, which also bleeds into a lot of us not thinking about the greatest things we COULD do.

So in jumps the question.

‘Whats the greatest thing you have ever done?’

We so can easily decide what someones best movie was, or best album or even a politicians best speech. But what of a 23 year olds greatest accomplishment.

This tells us a lot about the inner monologue of a person, but also a little of how one sees themselves. Which once again bleeds into… what do they want to accomplish? What do they dream of? What do they think they could uniquely contribute to the lives of those around them?

The greatest thing I’ve ever done?

In 2004, when i was 19, I moved out of my parents house, away from my parents church and moved into a community that taught me a ton about existence. I think that move was at least one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.

Whats yours?

Question 4: Tell me a story?

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