Question 4: Tell me a story?

In early 2013 I spent a couple of week in the mountains of East Timor with four amazing people. We would spend 2-4 hours walking up and down hills to different schools to teach English and whilst we did, one of the girls would continually ask us to tell her stories. Any stories. Stories about other outreaches, other trips, our upbringing, our parents, our families, what we liked doing, why we didn’t like certain things.

We would start walking and then “Tell me a story?”

Most of the time she would just let us choose what story to tell. And it was interesting to see what we would each choose to tell. An Aussie, two Americans and a Fin.

Getting people to just tell stories is so fun. Most people aren’t given that opportunity. Especially non story tellers. Non story tellers also have some really cool stories to share after they are given the space to find their voices.

But it was also fun to see some of my life experiences that I had never talked about. But it never felt like I needed to talk about when I was 19 and lived in a weird house that smelled strangely bad. Or why I originally fell in love that year.

We have all lived amazing lives. Some times we need to be given the permission to tell the smaller stories.

Give each other the time.

Whats a story you have never told?

Rest and comfort? Next question. – >

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