Question 5: Who and why?

Two years ago I found myself in a very busy season off the back of two intense seasons of change and there were moments where my usual hyper-extroversion needed quiet, no talking good company. On the top floor of my house lived two room containing four of my favourite people in the world. They would hangout in one of the rooms all together, usually watching an action film or playing a GTA-esqe game, and for whatever reason wouldn’t talk all that much, and I began just going up there or 20 minutes at a time to just sit and be with them. It was some of the most refreshing moments of the week, as I belonged with them, I was loved by them and nothing was expected from me. Their company was comforting. And after a few moments I would leave, off on some important excursion. It didn’t dawn on me until later that these four will always be restful peace for me. One of the four has been a house mate of mine for most of a decade and he has always been that. That peaceful belonging in the midst of multiple storms.

Looking back, it would have been helpful to know this years ago. Then, whenever stress or confusion took a hold of me I could have just sat next to Luke for a few hours.

So the last question would be a combination of ‘where do you find rest?’ and ‘Who do you get comfort from?’.

A concept that seems to evade most of the west – REST. We seem to think its just sleep. Or just ‘not doing anything’. When rest has with it a theme of comfort and review. Looking back on a week and saying ‘that was good.’ or ‘that could have been better’. But mix into that other people, outside of our own heads labelling us ‘OK’. Is SUPER powerful.

Who are our comforts? And if we have none, if we turn to chocolate or a Pilsner, when will we find one and where?

How do we rest? and if our current rests don’t actually rest us, then when do we expect to burn out? Its not just OK to take rest, its a physical and mental necessity. Like food and oxygen.

Who can you sit with and just be? and why?

What are your rests and how do you get it in proper balance with “work”?

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