Exodus: Gods and Kings… more like, WHAT??? that movie rules!!!

Just like The hobbit movies and every Ashton Kutcher project ever… i went into the moses movie with very low expectations. It was 3D, and my first experience in a Swedish cinema. I made new friends going in and dropped my water bottle quite loudly as we sat.

I knew it was directed by an apparent atheist. I knew it wouldn’t stick to the traditional story line, but I was blown away. By the scope of what the Egyptians had the Hebrews build. By the arrogance of the Egyptian kings. By the epic fear that the plagues probably shot through a super power and a hardened army when it came to the dead sea.

It never occurred to me that Moses had made himself a comfy life with a wife and children when God called him back. It never occurred to me that like Noah, his wife and friends probably thought he was insane. And how the faith of the Hebrew elders was probably quite relaxed when Moses walked back into their number.

But one of the bigger surprises and one of the more ‘grey’ areas that will make a lot of Christians kick up a stink is how the movie portrayed God.

God is portrayed in the Old Testament in such away that He can easily come off as a personality-free power hungry tyrant, a blood thirsty executioner hell-bent on teasing, tormenting and playing with humanity like a cat with a mouse. When read through the eyes of post world war/ terrorism eyes without the grace of Jesus, we can conclude that OT (old testament)  God is a different God than baby Jesus. OT God must have had a shift in perspective.

But when seen through the eyes of Christ on the cross, through the eyes of the words of God, through the covenant language used between God and humanity through His people, God is the same.

The director of the Moses movie either fluked it, or had struggled with this himself and decided to portray God as a boy. A boy who Moses felt comfortable arguing with. A boy who Moses approached. A boy that Moses took direction from and trusted. A boy who also called the epic plagues to prove the Egyptian Gods false. A boy who would be born 2000 years later to save all of humanity.

Instead of a cheesy booming voice from the sky, the boy avatar of God could whisper in Moses ear. Used language that Moses understood. Just like God does now. Just like God did with Isaac and Ezekiel.

I like that God speaks loudly through those that profess not to know or like Him.

Its refreshing.

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