we call ownership and tell the others to leave.

four thousand years and still we don’t understand the complicated simplicity of human culture.

What started with boat loads of brown sailors, adventurers to deserted beaches filled with strange creatures

– battle after battle, other sailors landed. Battle after battle, other sailors landed, battle after battle…. and at the drop of a hat we still call ownership and order the newest sailors to leave.

Our internals are exactly the same. We all need food – some spicier than others. We all need water – some like tea brewed, or whisky. We all need company – some like touching, others like speaking, others like passionate discussions. We all need warmth or cooling – which also determines how much of our skin we are used to seeing. Making scandalous our ankles. We all need a pulse, to keep us alive and focused. And we all need a story to belong to – some look to the skies or the trees to the logic of numbers.

Our externals are largely the same. Same number of limbs – mostly. Same number of facial features – mostly. Some are larger, some are smaller, some are misshapen, some are different colours. But on the whole. You get the same wherever you are.

And yet we call ownership and tell the others to leave.

We all laugh, we all have different reasons for laughing, but we all laugh. We all cry, some more than others. Some are trained not to cry. Others think thats weird.

We are all designed in a family, in a community. We need them to survive. And when we are abandoned by community and family we die. All of us. A baby in a desert…. alone – dies. Irrelevant of colour or creed.

And yet we call ownership and value one over the other as if we were different. and we tell the others to leave.

Evil exists. We’ve felt it in human ovens, killing fields, church buildings in flames, whilst drinking kool aid, in man induced famine, through the barrel of powerful rifles in schools and shopping centres and museums. We’ve seen justice not meted out by the justice systems we believed in. and yet we forget that evil is a thing. So it shocks us again.

We make so much money that we could live 15 consecutive comfortable lives, but “they” can help themselves like we did. We would prefer to die with our money, it’s not our fault “they” are corrupt, and nameless. We call ownership and tell the others to stay where they are.

And winds continue to blow, and our lives effect each others and influence the quality both directly and indirectly, but we are so good at chosen blindness and ignorance that we can call ownership and tell the others to leave.


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