We were given freedom.

We were given freedom to free, but we used it to imprison the masses, the opiate of the common people so the uncommon could oppress at will.

We were given freedom to free, to be flexible, to be grey, to be cultural and colourful, but we used it to carbon copy the white mans religious burden. To click a one sized fits all pair of handcuffs on the hands of our children, a pair of blinders on their eyes to see our own drab conservative conclusions, on something that could have taken refracted light for a hayride through multiple dimensions leaving a joyfulness in the depths of the human condition. But instead we shot for black and white.

We were given freedom to free, to dance to sing to paint to create all the newest of things. But we called “devil” and “witch” on the innovators and silenced their God-breathed invention. We also demonised those in our past that did the same, labelling them the “dark” ages of stupidity and ignorance. But we bathe in the blood and investment of that ignorance and call it a beauty spa.

We were given freedom to free, to love, to sit with the broken and the scum of the earth. So we labelled them – scum of the earth and avoided them. Came up with logical explanations why we shouldn’t sit with them, why we should ‘clean up’ our streets and forget that deep down inside we are the scum, we are the heartless, we are the sinners – whilst ‘they’ are the beautiful.

We were given freedom to free, but we shut the doors to the free, sealing only those imprisoned inside to regulate our addictions with masks and placebo penance. Whilst guilt subtly rips to shreds our dreams and hopes and families. Whilst those that really WANT freedom and understands its power are kept out in the cold in their own collectives of truth seeking and freedom desiring.

We were given freedom to free but we forgot to take freedom on for ourselves.

We were given freedom to free but then we were told that it wasn’t enough. That we weren’t enough.

But you are enough. You are free. You are redeemed. And you are allowed, in fact God desires that you experiment with grace. We are to be a tribe of colour and difference united by a man, Jesus.

Be free.

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