If “spiritual warfare” and “prophetic action” really work, why aren’t we all hugging Muslims? If God has predestined child abuse, for no reason, he kind of sucks? If the best kind of community is found in the midst of the tension of many thoughts and many ideas, why are our countries largely led by idiots that seem not to see any other way than their own, surrounded by gutless yes men? If God creates our souls, irrelevant of gender, and our parents create our physical likeness, why doesn’t gender equality cover our globe like a sweet united blanket? If leaders are not perfect, why do we treat them like they are and then accuse them of not being when they aren’t… which is ALL the time? If bombing ISIS doesn’t work, why do we judge our leaders for playing golf when they should be bombing ISIS, which doesn’t work? If Putin is going to end up ruining every ones day before he quits, why hasn’t someone shot him? and if shooting him doesn’t help anything, what will? If climate change doesn’t exist, does that mean we should continue getting extremely rich and extremely poor? and, if climate change does exist, when are we going to start doing something about it? If people don’t like jesus because the church sucks at being the church, why don’t we change how we do church… en masse? If a woman feels like she is a man because society has labelled her one, what will it take to either relabel her, or allow her to fully take on her original label? If coke is bad for us, why is it sold in such large quantities? If stress and over work is bad for us, why is it celebrated as something to fight for? If history repeats itself, are we really so stupid to keep getting it wrong? (if it was a computer game we would have figured out a cheat back in 5000BC) If getting on a plane, and going on a journey with frustrating people makes us better people, why do we seclude ourselves in mono-cultural gated community and slowly hate ourselves… medicating that pain with poisons and unfulfilling relationships?

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