2 capitals.

I love travelling. I love falling asleep in the middle of reading a book while the plane takes off and freaking out when it leaves the ground only to realise I had fallen asleep. I love when strange babies stop crying because it looks at me and then starts to grab for me. That awkward moment of “I want to kiss your babies face” but knowing that you have a beard and the mum may not speak English. And everyone around you is whisper quiet. I love walking past restaurants too gutless to walk in by myself to order a meal so instead i pick up a salad which later I translate as “spicy entrails” salad. I love giggling at the motel girl who is just as awkward as i. I love meeting a guy on the train who spoke with a solid English accent who then walked me from the bus to the turn off. A videographer by trade he answered most of my questions with a “why would you ask that?” Which made me also think “I need more questions like those”. That awkward moment where I wanted to ask for his instagram but.. I just met the guy. This isn’t Gift vid första ögonkaset. It’s real life.
I love a loaf of bread for less than two dollars. I love the book I’m reading and the polish couple in my dorm room. “We got to the top of the highest hill and it was dumb” mountain guides. Good stuff. And I love the story Linus (guy on the bus) told.

Of how. As a photographer he could get quite popular quite easily, but as soon as he moved to London it was a whole nother story. Similar to when bands in New Zealand get famous. Or cricket players in America. Whaaaat? We need different perspectives to grow. We need different environments to see possibilities.

That is what the two capital cities has done for me. That is what sweden has done for me. That is why I just ate two chocolate croissants in a country most of my friends have never heard of by myself.

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