Red ink and solid feet. 

Sometimes I stand in the middle of a road and wonder why I get to live the life I live. There are better travellers. There are more accomplished linguists and learners. There are more bold friend makers. But. Amongst my moments of muddled headed shyness today I learned a lot about this country. I was taught how to use a mouse by a cute old lady I wanted to cuddle. I spoke to a street dweller from Russia in Broken English about how countries shouldn’t exist because we are all human and he’s glad he isn’t God and he really likes the ladies. I ate zeppelins. I journaled. I watched a dad take his daughter out for a date. I found red ink. I hung out with two Norwegian Giants and heard their stories and their hopes. I chatted with two Lithuanians who are recently married and they are soooo cute together. We got lost. I took notes. And I listened to the start of my favourite album. It was good. 

A take away from the day. 

This country is full of warriors  some know where their weapons are but can’t see the battle. Some have no battles. Some have no weapons. But all have this heart with a capacity to pump strong and passionately to defend this country. Just like their coat of arms. Just like their history. 

It’s refreshing. I like it here. But I wonder about the tension. I wonder if weapons need to be found now, rather than later. But I also wonder if I’m wrong. 

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