so many questions.

You know you may need to ask some more questions when you go to take a shower and you aren’t sure whether you lock the door or not, or if you are using the temperature tap right because it won’t get warm, or maybe the heating isn’t on. And if you put the toilet paper in the bin or the toilet? You know you have travelled enough when you unpack in 5 minutes and instantly feel at home, but also because you have 15 questions at every turn because you have no idea what would offend or bless the current culture you live under.

Humour gets tense because you aren’t sure if you can be sarcastic or if you can use that word to make THAT joke. Do you take your shoes off or leave them on or find some house shoes. Can you walk down the street without reflectors on or will you get run down?

Last night i sleep in a double bed and both my arms fell asleep, which freaked me out a lot. But that pins and needles return of feeling reminded me of getting bored in church and making my leg go numb just to feel those pins and needles.

Yesterday was like a dream. leaving my home of 10 months, good friends, good experiences and then arriving into the arms of a man I highly respect and a team of amazingly excited good people who i get to work alongside for 6 months. We laugh. We are all unique and ready to serve these students. and the students who arrived last night are the best. And each student will bring something new to the school.

Yesterday when the border patrol lady asked me what i was doing in Norway and if i had flown in from new zealand that day. (what??… whilst holding my passport) I answered that i was not really a teacher, more an assessor who gets our students closer to where they want to go. Thats what I want this season to be. One of bringing people closer to the father in the context of community.

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