Pappa, Pappa, Pappa

This morning I woke up and sat by myself for a few minutes before three beautiful families joined me in the dining room for breakfast. There were moments of hilarity, moments of rebellion and moments of cute sibling teamwork, but one moment stands out to me most mornings, and that is the incessant calling for parents.

Sometimes in the midst of a child eating yogurt, an idea will pop into its head and it will instantly want to share the idea with their parent and so the calling would begin:

Pappa, pappa, pappa.

And if at first pappa doesn’t respond because he is carrying a huge fresh pot of coffee across the kitchen, the calling switches parent:

Mamma, mamma, mamma.

and sometimes during the calling, the child has gone back to eating their yogurt, so it gets a little dicey when it is combined with the calling.

Other times you won’t see the child, and suddenly you will hear the child. but this time, it’s in dutch so it is more like poppa, poppa, poppa. and sometimes the child would emerge and sometimes not at all.

At other times in the midst of gleeful running around the dining room, there will be a crash followed by loud crying. and in the blinding distress of that crying, sometimes the child will just reach out for anyone bigger than them, irrelevant of if it’s their papa or not. and at other times, the child will not be satisfied until it finds its parent.

today I made the comment that maybe we should take after the children with God. Sometimes I find myself not telling or asking God things almost because I think he’s too busy, or my idea is not interesting enough. These children don’t care one bit about what their parent is doing, it knows the love of their parent and it knows that what it is doing is super interesting. They don’t just give up the first time of not being heard. They perpetuate communicating their need until everyone wishes that they were the child’s papa so that they could see to its needs.

If we started praying Pappa pappa pappa, more often, God would either go insane and just give us what we want, or he will respond in some manner, and as God is not an impatient human like the rest of us can sometimes be, he will never get fed up with our desires for relationship with him.

Pappa, we need you. Pappa, I need a hug. Pappa, my family is hurting, Pappa I just found a snail and it looks funny. Pappa I need water, pappa….

6 thoughts on “Pappa, Pappa, Pappa

      1. Awesome. I thought it was pretty funny though because i also just wrote a blog about babies and then I saw yours. Hahaha. I just laughed then. Cool. Babies are the bomd!!

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