Those that don’t fit the mold.

You know the kid. The one giggling in the back. The ‘stupid’ one. The bully. The attention seeker. Yeah. Usually he is the smartest person in the room. His brain works faster, solves problems better, would learn languages quicker than the smart asian girl in the front. He would run better businesses than the nerdy rich kid on the left and he would punch you to death if you messed with his sister because he is insanely loyal and protective of his loved ones.

This, ladies and gentlemen is one of those that don’t fit the mold. You know the mold right? The one that says everyone should go to university to get a job. The mold that says tests perfectly show a persons intellect. The mold that gets rid of creativity and only craves information regurgitation. It is also the mold that thinks classes of 30 unique and creative individuals is best served by one teacher, one schedule, one room, and one learning system.

And that is one of the many reasons that the smartest person in the room will not end up dux of anything. He will not ‘amount’ to anything. Instead, he will end up being a very successful drug dealer, a very successful leader of criminals, a very successful miscreant.

The last few weeks i have heard story after story of family members and friends who have been the smartest and ended up the most broken because the mold crushed their individual shape.

And I don’t like it.

So, i guess I just want you to know that YOU, and those around YOU have the capacity to be great, especially if you don’t fit the mold. Just do something great.

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