Sitting. Standing. Walking. 

Today I had a good coffee a bad coffee and some other good things. 

I walked through the city I love. I met some New people heard some awesome things, drew, read, got excited and soon will sleep. 

At the end of one of the meetings I had a man stand up and say “time goes faster than you think” 

Twenty years ago I was 9. I thought I would become a mechanic. I had big hair and no cares. And now I’m going to sleep in a room full of strangers in a country that most don’t know much about wearing a shirt a Hawaiian gave me after hanging out with a Norwegian and a British friend. Time goes faster than you think. 

In Oslo two days ago I sat with a friend I met five years ago. We went to India together and learned a lot through interacting with the locals. He sat back and commented. Time goes faster than you think. He is now studying Portuguese to go back to Brazil and communicate better. 

My current roommate I first met in Newcastle early 2009. When he left my life in late 2010 I thought I would never get to live with him again and now, in Norway, we giggle together often and it’s awesome. Time goes faster than you think. 

I never really thought about being 30 and single. I never really thought about moving to a new country and learning the language. I never really thought about not seeing my family for a year. And look at me now. 

So, the mans point tonight was – what do you want life to look like when you turn 60. 

I want to plant something deep and real in Vilnius. I want to look back in thirty years and nod happily knowing it was all worth it to travel to the other side of the world to start an adventure in a beautiful city full of friendly cute people to be changed and to be apart of Change. 

Good night. 

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