A ranting satisfying day. 

It’s days like yesterday that fill me with a sense of satisfaction. A feeling of complete. Not perfection, but like a perfect meal. Full, happy and a little sleepy. 

I woke up, ate a beloved breakfast and sat in a cafe to write and think and get pictures for the day. Met up with some friends, heard some amazing input and laughed a bit. Had a meeting with a few of my Heros and new friends, went looking for ice cream, got lost in a dilapidated church that was ten degrees cooler than outside. We then sat around talking about learning and countries and each other’s lives. I ate ice cream and strangely awesome burgers, facilitated a meeting pretty well including telling one of the funniest outreach stories that I haven’t spoken out loud since early 2011. Met a cool Lithuanian excited to get into missions. And then made a ninja exit into the night to meet up with an amazing friend to sit and chat in a sweet bar about language and culture and moving and this fine city.
It then began to rain. I stood under an over hang for awhile and thought. Perfect end to a great day. As I farewelled my friend I walked home in and out of the down pour. I voxed a few people. I didn’t get too drenched and I ended up in bed before 12.
I love Vilnius. I love the seasons I’ve seen. I love the people I’ve met. I love the old buildings and the new culture surrounding them.
I love the saxophone kid and the electric guitar guy who was jamming on the street. I love the soundtrack of the mint book shop and the smell of water on newly demolished concrete. I love how Lithuanians speak both their own language and mine. I love eyes here and outdoor seating and the look in people’s faces when they realise how beautiful this city is and that I’m not a raving lunatic, just an excited and trusting kid.
I smell weird. My head itches, I packed totally wrong for this trip. But I return to my weird current home on a farm in Norway glad and honoured by my three day trip to my future home.

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